I'm a celebrity......Get me a new Manager

It's the 4th of July and over in America everyone is going mad over Uncle Sam and it seems here in England we're all just going mad! Wondering who the FA will appoint as the next England manager, following the not so shocking news last week of Roy Hodgson's resignation; following our 2-1 defeat to Iceland last Monday. 
The FA now have the complex job of finding the Owls replacement, although I'm excited to see who's gonna lead us to our next disappointment, I mean victory, lead us to victory; (obviously).....I'm gonna miss that little face with all its over active expressions.

With that in mind I thought I'd get out there and see what our celebs are thinking on the matter, so I put to them 'if you could choose anyone for the England managers Job, past or present who would it be and why? America may have Uncle Sam but we have a bigger Sam in the form of Sam Allardyce would he be on your managers wish list? Let's see if he made it on our celebs here's what they had to say......

Lee Chappy - Jamie Vardy lookalike
 'Sir Alf Ramsey if it was possible to actually witness us winning something .... But realistically at present some1 like Claudio Ranieri that can do damage with what we have regardless of names or another winner like Diego simone from athletico madrid. We need a winning mentality and a winning manager we currently won't get that with any English manager available currently so we need to swallow our pride and get a foreign one for the job'

Wayne Lineker - Brother of Gary Lineker & Entrepreneur 
'David Beckham or Alan Shearer. Need a younger fresh manager that has the respect of the players not some old school pensioner...'

Hayley McQueen - Sky Sports News Anchor 
'What a lot of work the FA have on their hands & a tough decision to make in appointing the next manager. I can’t understand why Sam Allardyce isn't at shorter odds with the bookmakers. I would still like to see an English manager BUT I am of the belief that they will appoint the best person for the job & it might not necessarily be an Englishman & I’d be cool with that. Klinsmann & Blanc would be excellent choices up but for me if we are to stay English then big Sam would be a very popular choice with the players. Allardyce seems to get the best out his men & is a great motivator. It strikes me that it is the dressing-room that needs the help from a big character & as we don’t have that in a captain we would certainly have that in a manager with Sam. He has rescued teams from relegation & he could rescue this England team too along with their reputation.'

Alyson Rudd - Journalist for the times 
 'I never look back so I won't give you a fantasy manager from the past. Right now England need Sam Allardyce. He is English. He is no-nonsense and strong willed and puts results first. It is a myth that he produces boring football. It is pragmatic. He embraces style if a match can be won stylishly.'

Jay Khan - Game of Thrones Star
'I'd say a toss between Glenn hoddle as he is a good tactician or Harry redknapp as he will bring great team spirit, but I think Redknapp has ruled himself out so prob Glenn Hoddle.' 

Jason Cundy - Ex Footballer, now Presenter on Talksport 
'Rafa Benitez - knows how to organise and set up teams - has won things'

Lloyd Griffith - Comedian & YouTuber 
 'I want Slaven Bilic right now.'

Rocket - Soccer Am
'(Sean) Dyche - He's won probably the hardest league to win in the world, twice! On a budget and he's English. '

Joe Bor - Stand up  Comedian 
'I would say Mourinho. He can't do it cos he's just committed himself to Man Utd. But he'd be ideal for many reasons, he's great working with egos, he's a man manager, he's worked with many who are already in the team, he has the respect of the players, it also means he won't be managing a team against Arsenal cos he almost always beats us, but I'd only want him managing for two years! After two years he just seems to give up.'
Stevie J - Made in Chelsea Star
'I think if we're being nostalgic and want to the best we've had for the last 25 years, we go back to Hoddle. But he has been out of work for 10 years so it offers a risk. I would take Klinsmann. Proven at international level, knows the English game. Has done great things with the USA. There isn't a good enough English candidate so we have to go foreign.'

The Brexitful Game

The countries gone into melt down, immigrants thinking they're gonna be thrown out the country, people on holiday wondering if they'll get back into our country ok, andsoooo many of you confused with what this means for football!! So let me give you the easy peasy round up of how it will affect the beautiful game!! You'll be glad to hear it won't really effect it too much.....but first let me give you some examples of the questions I've been asked today: '@Thatsportsspice what about the Champs league next season, British teams will have to pull out right??' '@Thatsportsspice just to clear it up will England play qualifying games for WC as a part of UEFA or not' '@Thatsportsspice Do you think england should continue their run in Euro 2016?' 'I never voted because I didn't know enough about it!..but this might be a stupid question but do our football teams still compete in the European cup?' Ok. We haven't pulled up our anchor and floated off around to the other side of the world we are indeed very much still part of Europe!! We just are no longer part of the union so it will NOT affect us playing in international tournaments although I suspect we'll get even fewer votes in the Eurovision, now! Flights will be more expensive, & tickets costs to go out and see your teams play but the main thing we think it's gonna affect is the transfer market, so I caught up with a couple of my football agent friends to get their take on it:- Cesare Merchetti - Voted OUT "I don't think brexit will have any impact on football. The U.K. is the 5th largest economy in the world. The German and French economies would collapse if they didn't trade with us. There are millions of British citizens living in Europe and millions of EU citizens in the UK, there will be an agreement similar to Norway or Switzerland which safe guards freedom of movement. The pound is lower today currently €1.20 to the pound but again this will settle as the UK economy is powerful. European players will still be allowed to play without Visas and transfer fees won't be effected. It's definitely business as usual despite all of the scaremongering." Hootan Ahmadi - Voted REMAIN 'I kind of agree with Cesare. The biggest change is the weakening of the pound and therefore the increase in cost of buying players from Europe. The changes will take at least a couple of years to implement and I don't think it'll make a change to the EU players playing. Shirts etc are mainly made in Asia so again don't think there will be much change' So as it stands nothing too major is gonna affect our beautiful game, shame we can't say the same about our country!

Nothing Compares, Nothing Compares......Man U

Many people say 1986 was a great year, and as its the year I was born, who am I to disagree with them?

I was a month old when Sir Alex Ferguson took over at Manchester United and looking through various historical headlines it seems that the manager who gave the club thirteen premier league titles, five FA Cups, two Champions League's and various other silverware, before his illustrious 27 year career had even begun he was under pressure in his first year.  Many supporters called for his head not necessarily on a plate but they certainly were not happy with results.

Which led to Sir Alex being just one game away from getting the chop, ironically a victory over none other than Crystal Palace in the 1990 FA Cup Final (replay) saved Fergie's bacon.

Thirty years later Manchester United are financially one of the biggest clubs in the world, where the club heirachy no longer feel winning the FA Cup in your first season as a manager warrants fulfilling a contract which was signed in 2015 for a three years.

Louis Van Gaal is a sharp intelligent person despite his struggle with some pronunciations (fully relate there FYI) has managed at the highest level for Barcelona, Bayern Munich and of course for the Netherlands national team, yet since day one, the fans have been on his back with the press having looked at every opportunity to find a story that would undermine his position at the club.

It's like dating again after breaking up with your first love, No-one is going to be able to fill Sir Alex Ferguson boots unless they are given time and whilst he is an extremely hard act to follow, the fans have to take much of the blame for thinking that the success would continue like night follows day.
Fans have criticised the style of football witnessed under Louis Van Gaal, assuming their team have every right to roll teams over in ever game. I see many moan about the style of football being played.
I am well publicised Chelsea fan, do you think defensive style will be any different under Jose Mourinho?

He brought great success to Chelsea but it was never always attractive to watch and more importantly records show that after a couple of years, relationships between him and the players/board start to show cracks. It looks from the appointment that Ed Woodward and his merry men  are looking for a short-term fix despite great success being built in the past on longevity.

We live in a world where instant results matter and it might well be Manchester United fans no longer look for long-term planning but instant success. The fact Pep Guardiola takes over the reigns at Manchester City gives next season added spice but fans are simply deluded if they think Champions League and the Premier League will be won in the first attempt next season, or indeed the style of football will change. It's simply the craving of winning silverware that fills the heads of Manchester United fans worldwide though it now seems the FA Cup is not enough.

In the aftermath of Moyes’ departure, there was a feeling that the pressure of following a manager who had won 13 league titles and two European Cups was just too much. It had looked like an impossible job and it proved as much.
Like Moyes, Van Gaal suffered from unfavourable comparisons. It is one thing to come up short against one of the most successful manager’s Britain has ever produced but records between the two subseuent managers were pretty much identical.

The problem I have is that managers like Sir Alex Fergsuon and Arsene Wenger are a dying breed and fans want instant success when in reality more clubs now are capable of winning the big elite prizes. Fans at Manchester United never had it so good but the future does not give you a divine right for all that to continue

Lets get real, its great to see we now potentially have six teams that can win the Premier league and Manchester United fans have to stop being so impatient, more importantly the board have to realise you need time to build success. We have seen this season with Leicester City what can be done with team spirit and maybe its time that clubs like the Red Devils look at that model and not throw millions & millions of pounds at players in craving instant success.


I've had a bit of a love hate relationship with Newcastle United fans, I love their passion for their club and you have to have the up most respect for them for that, but you get one little transfer deal fall through like 'Bas Dost' not signing on Tuesday ;) and you would think I personally relegated them from the amount of abuse I got off a majority of them on Twitter!

But you have to hand it to them they are loyal to their club and you have to feel gutted for them this evening, everything was starting to look up for them they had Rafa and he was starting to turn it around, but now they've lost their place in the Premier League and brilliant Manager as Benitez (of course) had a get out clause in his contract if they went down.

Now, no one can deny Mike Ashley is a bit of a tool and hasn't really done his club, players or fans any favours which obviously angers the fans and they kinda push that negativity onto the team which is obviously not really going to help matters.

So what does the future hold for the toons? Well owner Mike Ashley said in a tv interview last year, 'I'm not going anywhere until we win something' well the best they can hope for now is winning the championship and getting back to the Premier League.

Newcastle is such a big name club but after this I'm not sure they'll attract such a big named manager again like Rafa in the future if they do manage to get back into the Premiere league, sad night on the Tyne tonight pet!


Fans who will be down tonight include:

Jimmy Nail
Bryan Ferry
Graeme Swann
Robson Green
Jerome flynn
Brian Blessed
Chris Eubank
John Mccririck
Ant and Dec
Cheryl Tweedy
Mark Knofpler
Steve Harmison
Graeme Onions
Abhisit Vejjajiva (Former Thailand Prime Minister)


Howayyy man best get in the Brown Ales and drown them sorrows


Being stuck down in Cornwall for most of the season, I've had little opportunity of seeing Chelsea this season at Stamford Bridge, though did get to see one of the games which was a complete thrashing of a poor Newcastle United team.
Let's not be fooled by the odd emphatic win because in all honesty we have many things wrong at the club and following the home defeat of PSG, we only have the FA Cup to play for
I'm glad to see Leicester City at the top of the Premier League and games far more competitive this season though Chelsea should at the very least be challenging for the Top 4 with all the signings made in the summer.
Hiddink has settled the ship in the Premier League despite so many draws, yet following defeat of PSG its time to look ahead to next season
I was hoping that Gus Hiddink would give the youngsters a chance once it became obvious that we would finish around mid-table, players like Charlie Wakefield, Kyle Scott, Kasey Palamer, Jay Dasilva will never get a chance plus Kenedy and Loftus-Cheek have been used very sporadically.
Yes, we've been unlucky to lose Zouma to injury, but when will the kids get a chance to prove themselves? More by luck then judgement Manchester United are starting to play young players and getting results. If our academy is not good to bring players through to the first-team, then many questions have to be asked.
Why did we bring a player from Manchester United in Falcao who hardly ever played,  more scandalous Alexandre Pato who has not even made his debut despite the agent saying "fitness is not the issue" A player we signed on the 30th January who is simply picking up a massive wage for two-three hours training a day
The club at the moment is a shambles and not only have we lost an excellent manager in Mourinho, this summer we will see the departure of John Terry. After twenty-one years at the club the hierarchy have decided its time for him to leave despite being one of our better players this season and the player himself wanting to stay. Very much like the departure of Frank Lampard the club are reluctant even to talk contracts. 
The stability of the club is slowly being dismantled by wrong judgement and people in suits who have become stale and far too comfortable.
Next season for the first time in 13 years, we will not have the Champions League and with clubs like Leicester, Tottenham and West ham showing its not a four team league anymore, I wonder if next season will be another disappointment.
By Amy Christophers 10/03/16

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